Since the founding of the Planning Office for Ecological Building in 1979, more than 100 buildings designed by Gernot Minke have been realized in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Paraguay, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary and Uruguay.
Some selected buildings are presented here.



Residence, Eco-village Kassel, Germany 1985


Duplex at Uchte, Germany 1987


 Residence, Eco-village Kassel, Germany 1993


Farmhaus at Warzipur, India 1995 (with DAAT Neu Delhi)


Reidence at Rosdorf, Germany 2002 (with Tobias Weyhe)


Residence at Bad Schussenried, Germany 2006 (with Tobias Weyhe)

 This building with its  dome and vaults from earth blocks and its green roof is sheltered against high frequency electro-magnetic waves by 99,6 %.



„Soliterra“, Mühlacker, Germany 2000 (with Tobias Weyhe)


„Oikos“, Reinsberg, Germany 2002 (with Tobias Weyhe)


 Eco-village „El-Tucan“ at Emboscada, Paraguay, since 2012 (with Jörg Janisch)



Waldorf-kindergarten Sorsum, Germany 1997 (with Tobias Weyhe)


Kindergarten Oranienburg-Eden, Germany 2002 (with Tobias Weyhe)




Meditation hall, Bad Zwesten, Germany 1996 (with Tobias Weyhe)


Meditation hall, Mt. Abu, India 1996


Mosque, Wabern, Germany 2007 (with T. Weyhe)



Wissenschaftspark Hannover, Germany 2003 (with Tobias Weyhe)



Goetheinstitut, La Paz, Bolivia 2000 (with Alexander Fischer)


Seminar-center Picada Cafe, Brasilien 2005


Comunity building La Tahona at Rocha, Uruguay 2007


Cúpula de adobe, Ráquira, Columbia, 2015


Cúpula de adobe, Villa General Belgrano, Argentinia, 2015



Experimental Building, University Kassel, Germany 2000 (with Dittmar Hecken and Friedemann Mahlke), (load bearing straw bale walls)


Orphanage, Kaliningrad, Russia 2003 (with Friedemann Mahlke)


Sound studio, Westerwald 2004 (with F. Mahlke)


Social housing prototype, Sentinela do Sul, Brasil 2005 (with Marcio D’Avila)


Seminar-h0use, Tamera, Portugal 2006


Residence at Bad Schussenried, Germany 2006


Load bearing strawbale vaults at Tamera, Portugal, 2007


 Office building at Hrubý Súr, Slowakia 2010 (with Createrra) (Loadbearing straw bale dome and vaults)



Alpamare-Bad at Bad Tölz, Germany 1971


Bus stop at Stuttgart, Germany 1973 (with B. Burckhardt)


Production hall at Salach, Germany 1974


Ice rink cover, Esslingen 1976 (with G. Schöfl)


Cafeteria at GuatemalaCity, 1981


Temporary church, BUGA Kassel, Germany 1981


Bamboo grid shell at Kassel, Germany 1982


Bamboo grid shell at Candelaria, Colombia, 2009



Test building at Kassel University, Germany 1975


Low-cost-housing prototype, Guatemala, 1978 (earthquake resisitant rammed earth structure)


Test building, Kassel University, Germany 1982


Earthquake resistant sand bag structure, Kassel University, Germany 1978


Prototype social housing, Babahoyo, Ecuador 1989


Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India, 1993


Low-cost housing Mt. Abu, Indien, 1993


Earthquake resistant residence, Chile, 2003


Social housing prototype, Viamao, Brasil, 2003


Social housing prototype, Sao Leopoldo, Brasil, 2003


Social housing prototype, Brasil 2004 (Straw bale walls)


Market, Mesa de los Santos, Bucaramanga, Colombia, 2007



Built within research projects (1977-1982) and Workshops (since 2010)


Cushion elements, Kassel, Germany 1977


Shingles serving as plant containers , Kassel, Germany 1977


Used car tires, Düsseldorf and Kassel, Germany 1980


Green wall, Medellin, Colombia 2010


Green column, Medellin, Colombia 2010


Green columns, Tenjo and Piedecuesta, Columbia 2011


Green wall Medellin, Colombia 2011


Gabions and Hoses, Tenjo, Colombia 2011


Sculpture, Piedecuesta 2011, Colombia


Green wall, Piedecuesta, Colombia 2011


Green wall, Cali, Colombia 2012

Green column, Cali, Colombia 2012


Green walls, Cali, Colombia 2012


Green column, Cali, Colombia 2012


Green column, Thessaloniki, Greece 2012


Wall with containers, Thessaloniki, Greece 2012


Wall from concrete blocks, Thessaloniki, Greece 2012


Plant bags Cali, Colombia 2012


Green wall, Uruguay 2012


Gavions, Uruguay 2012


Green wall, Cali, Colombia 2012


Green column, Cali, Colombia 2012


Bucket column, Cali, Colombia 2012


Bucket column, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013


Workshop „Jardines Verticales“ León, Mexico 2014


Workshop „Jardines Verticales“ San José, Costa Rica, 2014


Workshop „Jardines Verticales“ Paine, Chile, 2016


Workshop „Jardines Verticales“ TIBA, Bom Jardin, Brasil 2017


Workshop „Jardines Verticales“ Guanajuato, Mexico, 2017